Remember the day, where we first sparked our relationship? The conversations we had on the bus on the back from our church camp. It was from there we already established quite a number of things in common that we share. I vividly remember going up to that lonely guy around the end of the camp, sitting together at the bus, learning about each other. I even remember many of things we talked about that led us to become truly friends. And even to this day, I am very grateful that we became friends.

From that day onwards, we've been rather 'bagai isi dengan kuku'. I thank you for being there when I had my problems, and I enjoyed being the shoulder to 'cry on' when you had yours. It seems that we've shared many things with each other within this 2 years or so. Nothing can express or describe the wonderfulness of the times talking to you, sharing, comforting etc.

I give thanks to God for giving us that opportunity to become friends.

I give thanks for the time spent creating a stronger bond between us, tightening that invisible rope little by little.

I give thanks to the advices and time sacrificed to be with me.

I give thanks to the knowledge given to me from you.

I give thanks to the emotional support, confidence, rational thinking given to me.

I give thanks that we've able to learn things from one another.

I give thanks that most of the time we see eye to eye.

I give thanks for things we have in common.

I give thanks for a big brother I never had.

I hope you'll have a wonderful experience in the UK. It pains me that I'll have to see you again in person in 9 months time. To me, you're not a friend, but a wonderful brother. God bless you.

your bro.