These are easily the most exciting days to be alive, not just because of breathtaking advances in technology and science, but because we twenty-first-century Christians have more reason than any generation before us to believe that Christ will return to take us to His Father's house.

We are not the first generation to think like this, of course, for history reveals that many interpreted the events of their day as fulfillments of end-time prophecies. In some cases their date setting and speculation turned off more people than it inspired , but at least they were studying the Scriptures in an attempt to properly discern the times. Many of them sincerely longed for Christ to end the moral corruption and deterioration of their age by ushering in His kingdom of righteousness. All Christians consider such a possibility an infinite improvement on this war-weary and sin-cursed world.

We should not be surprised that those of past generation were confused about end-time events, for events, for even Daniel, one of the greatest of the Hebrew prophets, was commanded to "shut up the words, and seal the book until the time of the end" (Daniel 12:4;the "time of the end" refers to the days just before the beginning of the Tribulation, up to and including the seconds coming of Christ).

One reason for their confusion is that the sealing of end-time events made it more difficult to understand the "signs of the times." The "unsealing" or ability to understand end-time prophecy, according to Daniel, would wait until " many shall run to and fro, and the knowledge shall be increased" ~Daniel 12:4. Hardly anyone doubts that ours is a day when people are "running to and fro" and knowledge has increased. Both secular knowledge and the knowledge of prophetic truth have increased tremendously in this century alone. We believe we are on the verge of obtaining even greater prophetic insights than at any other time in the last two millennium.

That others before us were wrong about the nearness of the Lord's return should not deter us from searching the Scriptures, now that some of the end-time prophecies are being unsealed. The ability to rightly evaluate the signs in our times increasing almost daily, from the Israel by Russia and her Arab allies, to the emergence of China, many other events - all part of the end-time prophetic tapestry.

The technological capabilities of this generation permit us to see the fulfillment of events that were impossible just one generation ago. Christ could come today, and no prophecy of the end times necessary for His coming would go unfulfilled.

Soon enough, I will do a post regarding the Mayan Calendar, and about the people who are taking advantage of its existing popularity in order to gain money. Same concept as the Da Vinci Code. The Mass Media is very powerful, and it'll brainwash you.

Leon Lim
credits to "Left Behind" novel.