One day, the Malaysian government decided to allow the use of the word "Allah" by East Malaysian Christians when referring to God in the Malay language. The apparent concession is as seen as a damage control move as Christians in Sabah and Sarawak primarily conduct church services in the Malay language.

Arson attacks by muslim extremists.

The word has been used for centuries in Malaysia, as well as by Christians in Egypt, Syria, Lebanon and Indonesia as the equivalent of the English word 'God'. But many Malaysian Muslims, who make up 60 per cent of the population, say that Allah should be reserved to refer exclusively to the Muslim deity and that use of it in a Biblical context encourages the conversion of Muslims to Christianity, which apparently is a crime under the country's Islamic laws.

The early-morning attack destroyed the first floor offices of the Metro Tabernacle Church (picture) by petrol bombs.

But what really touched me was that the Muslim NGO's have voluntarily committed themselves to patrol the church areas against arson attacks and to ensure the security of Christian places of worship. Being the "eyes and ears" of the government.

According to CIA World Factbook, 60.4 percent of Malaysia's 25.7 million people ascribe to Islam. Around 19.2 percent is Buddhist and 9.1 percent is Christian. Although, the population i is predominantly Muslim, Malaysians of different faiths have historically been able to live in peace with one each other.

Malaysian Christians are praying and calling for national unity.

NECF says, "As Christians and responsible citizens of this country, it is our desire to see all quarters promote peace and harmony. NECF calls on all parties to learn to respect each other's basic constitutional and human rights to practice one's faith and religion, recognizing the fundamental boundaries in not interfering with the Scriptures of other faiths."

Let's do that. Let's reach out to one another with love, compassion and understanding. Equipped with the power of the Scriptures of our religions lets show how much we love our country and it's people, let's love each other as we would love ourselves.

How can our country grow without racial unity?
How can our country grow without people of God?
How can our country grow without people who do not love each other?
How can our country grow without the spread of Love, Peace and Harmony?
How can our country grow without a wonderful Prime Minister?
How can our country grow if we waste time pointing fingers?
Essentially, How can our country grow without religion?

How can we fulfill Vision 2020 if our people are constantly against each other because of the difference of our race and religion? There is a Malay saying, "Jika tidak dipecahkan ruyungnya, manakan dapat sagunya" Therefore, let's tell each other that we are nothing but brothers and sisters alike. Otherwise, there is no 1 Malaysia. THIS IS TRULY HOW WE CAN HAVE A 1MALAYSIA SPIRIT. We are all created in God's image physically and maybe even mentally.

Salvation will come to Malaysia! Malaysia Boleh!

Leon Lim