There were once two men, Mr. Wilson and Mr. Thompson, both seriously ill in the same room of a great hospital, quite a small room, just large enough for a pair of them.

As part of his treatment, Mr. Wilson was allowed to sit up in bed for an hour in the afternoon ( to drain water from his lungs). His bed was next to the window. But Mr. Thompson had to spend all of his time flat on his back. Both of them had to be kept quiet and still, which was the reason they were in such a small room themselves, though they were grateful for the peace and privacy. None of the bustle and clatter and prying eyes of the general ward for them. Of course, they weren't allowed to watch television, no radio, no reading etc. They just had to keep quiet and still, just the two of them.

Well, they used to talk for hours and hours about their wives, children, homes, jobs, hobbies, childhood, what they did during the war, where they'd been for vacation, all that sort of thing. Every afternoon, when Mr. Wilson, the man by the window, was propped up for his hour, he would pass the time by describing what he could see outside. And Mr. Thompson began to live for those hours.

The window apparently overlooked a park with a lake where there were ducks and swans, children throwing them bread and sailing model boats, and young lovers walking hand in hand beneath the trees. And there were flowers and stretches of grass, games of softball, people taking their ease in the sunshine, and right at the back, behind the fringe of trees, there was a fine view of the city skyline. Mr. Thompson would listen to his, enjoying every minute of this. It got so exciting that he could almost see what was happening outside.

Then one fine afternoon, when there was some sort of parade, the thought struck him, "Why should Wilson, next to the window, have all the pleasure of seeing what was going on?" Day by day and the thought was like an everlasting nightmare. Continously running through his mind.

One night, Mr. Wilson suddenly started choking, and coughing. And Mr. Thompson watched without moving, Mr. Wilson coughed and choked on and on. And then he stopped.

The next morning, the nurses came in with water for their baths, and found Mr. Wilson dead. And so they carried him away quietly. And soon, Mr. Thompson was brought next to the window. The minute the nurses had gone, the propped himself up on one elbow, painfully and laboriously, and strained as he looked out the window.

It faced a blank wall.

Your attitude makes all the difference in the world. Some people face a blank wall, while others see beautiful opportunities and
numerous possibilities. How is your attitude today? In Jesus Christ you have hope. In Jesus Christ you have the knowledge that although all is not a bed of roses, God reigns and is victorious.

With the good news of Jesus, your attitude can be positive, healthy, vibrant, and filled with joy.

Because of God's goodness, you can look towards a bright and glorious day tomorrow and the day after. You can truly say, "I will bless the Lord at all times; his praise shall continually be in my mouth."

- credits to the book "Addicted to God" written by Jim Burns.