My blog has suddenly gotten a bit more interesting. As you, my reader, might have noticed that my blog now features some cultural music. It features all sorts of music originating from many nations.

Firstly, I thank God for his wonderful grace and mercy that He created so many different languages and cultures, resulting in the establishing of so many different and unique nations. If, our world only revolved around the same language and culture, how uninteresting!

Now, why cultural music? Almost every single nation in our world produces music of their own, which tells the world their history, culture and uniqueness. A nation is allowed to share their culture, and uniqueness through their beautiful and elegant music. Be it Reggae from Africa, Jazz from America, Gamelan from Indonesia.

Music has the power to connect us all through, the energy that radiants from it. Music is simply an indescribable creation of God. And certainly we are grateful wholeheartedly.

One world.

Now, some of you Malaysians are skeptical regarding the '1Malaysia' campaign by our current prime minister, Prime Minister Najib Razak. People say that it's dodgy, crap, and all. But, I highly disagree, our Prime Minister is out there taking a stand to resolve the one main problem we have and that is 'perpaduan kaum'. Certainly, Prime Minister Najib Razak has good intentions. Without perpaduan kaum or the unity of our citizens, our country simply can't grow (perkembang). So let's start by making peace with our chinese, malay and indian person neighbors! Malaysia Boleh!

Leon Lim Jake-Li