People say that we generally live in a world filled with hatred and war. But I don't see that. If we could go looking around such as places like the arrival gate at our airports for example. If you look close enough, we tend to see love everywhere.
It's not the type that is boastful or newsworthy, but the type of love that is shared among friends, best friends, spouse, boyfriends, girlfriends, old friends and so on. Hugs and kisses are all involved. So, love actually, is all around.

Love Actually

Love actually is all around,
even when our lives go through ups and downs,
The most wonderful gift is love,
given by the divine above.

Love actually is great,
it overcomes the power of hate,
Without love, the world will be filled with lust,
we are then doomed to be dust.

Love actually makes us strong,
it bonds us to the true loves we belong,
God created us with this bond,
so because of Love we are found.

Love actually is never far away,
it never leaves us astray,
And Love, we will proclaim!
because it lives in our hearts like an inner flame.

-Leon Lim-