The Nomad is regarded as someone that is constantly on the move to find a suitable place to establish a settlement. Therefore, the nomad actually shows resemblance to the people that are constantly in search of their other half, justifying their lives as a continuous 'search', because of their journey in search of love. So here's a poem:

The Nomad

Oh, I have done all I can,

To present my fragile heart in God's hands,

So with divine guidance, I find the girl,

With dark hair and of beautiful curl.

Oh, I want to be that knight so strong,

With shining armor as I soldier on,

Continuously searching through the vast field,

Hopefully finding the true love I can protect with my shield.

Oh, I desire to be an impenetrable fortress,

For my wonderful and beautiful mistress,

As she is not there to fulfill my sexual desire,

But to maintain an eternal love even when our physical bodies expire.

Oh, my search goes on with my own great volition,

Hoping when I find her I will love her with devotion,

Our love shall radiate a light that reaches beyond the sunset,

But unless my journey ends, I will forever be a nomad.

-Leon Lim- 12/8/2010